Where to find us - Stores which stock our bags

We provide a reliable and efficient service to all our clients, no matter their size

We are based in Johannesburg but service clients throughout Africa

We supply various chain stores where our products can be purchased

Where to find us
We supply a wide range of chain stores and their branches throughout Southern & Central Africa, as well as the major retail independent luggage, school and stationary and Cash and Carry stores in Southern Africa.
Our brands include:
  1. Tosca
  2. Sub-0 G
  3. Vogue
  4. Space Age
  5. Bon Voyage
  6. Conwood
  7. Elite
  8. Flite
  9. Tosca Concepts
  10. Elegant
  11. Long Board
  12. Sportec
  13. Blue Juice
  14. Bag Max
  15. Edison
  16. Notting Hill
  17. Island Club
  18. Football Club Licensed Branded Bags
  19. Smash Range
  20. Cardura
Look out for our brands in the major chain stores and selected independent retail stores